Why is Diversity Important in a Workplace

Not different from the classroom, workplace is also known as a community where there is a combination of people with differences. In one workplace, there you can see people having different backgrounds, holding different degrees, who are various in age, sex, or even race, bringing along different skills in work, which makes the term “Diversity” does really exist in one particular workplace.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by taking a deep look at the U.S. workforce, minorities made up 36% of the workforce. Separating it by race and ethnicity, roughly:

  • 64% are non-Hispanic white;
  • 16 % are Hispanic;
  • 12 % are African American;
  • 5% are Asian;
  • 3% in the labor force do not identify.

Diversity has been regarded as accepted norms that almost all business units and most institutions have to take into account because it provides real benefits to both company and employee. To put this notion into perspective, we have 5 reasons along with the explanation to resolve your doubt why diversity widely practiced and how it could turn one workplace to a better environment.

1. Different backgrounds, different skills

If one workplace allows whoever from everywhere to have a chance to be hired in his company, that workplace is one step ahead of others, meaning that the company is open and fully understands the flow of the global market global workforce.

Simply talking, by accepting the diversity, the workplace will turn into a heterogeneous working environment together with various working styles, colorful ideas, and versatile skills. Different perspectives will lead to better decision making and faster problem solving, and this really helps create juice flowing in your business.

2. Talent pool

It is a smart initiative to bring about the practice of diversity in the workplace! We can do the comparison between homogenous and heterogeneous working environments, one is the environment full of people with similar points of view, learning abilities and life experiences and the other one is a mixture of ages, genders, races, and cultures that provide a wider range of life perspectives and viewpoints.

As we can see, diversity is the reason to attract more talents to the company. Without racism, ageism, and sexism, your company will become a pub where all talents will be put on the table, and just imagine how creative and innovative the workplace is if new ideas are shared and fascinating insights are given every day.

3. Marketing capabilities

A broad spectrum of employees can also work best at this point. Remember every single person has a deeper and clearer understanding of customs, traditions, culture, and more importantly, the dialects and language spoke in their birthplace much better than others.

In that case, if the company has a strategic plan to expand its market and increase more target customers in that particular location, the staff who were born there will be the most suitable people working on that project and things will come in handy.

The language barrier and local cultural understanding are no longer the obstacles for broadening the client base and certainly, this favorable opportunity will help get ahead to the better bottom line and the development of niche marketing.

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4. Better staff performance

By having another quick look at the HR side, again diversity also offers numerous benefits. Employees can have the opportunity to learn from each other. No matter where they are from, no matter who they are, no matter how tall or short they are, they are all unique and equally have the same contributions to the success of the company.

Employees can tap into their experiences, their professional skills, and their communication strategies to share and interact with other colleagues, which is a very good image for staff learning and development.

In addition, the more staff satisfaction with the workplace, the more staff engagement we can get out of this. For this reason, workers will put forth the effort into their job and this will be a major facilitator to the workflow of the business. By this token, employee turnover will be lower while employee engagement will be higher.

5. Company reputation

There are many approaches that one company can choose to expose to the public. As we can see, some companies conduct CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by giving sponsors to any social activities or events. Meanwhile, other companies might opt for charity to engage with the public.

You’ve never known that by practicing diversity in the workplace, the company has already promoted its PR (Public Relations). The company is perceived as the one with cutting-edge developments and more humane since there is no racism or sexism happening. As a result, growth is always right out of the gate, and workflow will flourish along with the famous brand name.

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Final Thought:

As shown above, diversity in a workplace plays a very crucial role not only in business but also in the social aspect. If one company follows diversity policy, it means the company is also a part to stop racism or discrimination, and the workplace will become one known vibrant community.

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