Top 5 Tips On How To Set Goals For a Meaningful Life

As we are busy spending our days doing the same routines, it is hard to notice the achievements or even lose track of what we should do next not even knowing whatever expectations we are really looking for without proper planning.

Everyone wishes to have their dreams come true without struggle but that, of course, would not happen easily in real life and now it’s time to forget about wishes and start getting your life back on track and be realistic about your direction, particularly your “Goals” whether they relate to your personal goal setting or your key performance indicator which your salary relies on.

Instead of referencing solely on other people’s goals, below are five tips that can help you set your goals in a less complicated and smart way.

1- From self-understanding to meaningful goals

Meaningful goals should reflect your values. Questioning yourself of what can bring you happiness helps curb your desire to follow what other people have been doing. Your own values are the quality element in goal setting that leads you to satisfaction in the long-term.

However, if you try to stick to outsiders’ belief instead of your own voice, you are bound to blindly live a life that is not actually yours and eventually feeling as if you have done nothing at all as time passes by.

Learn to pay attention to what’s going on within your life and notice your best and your worst in order to figure out the meaningful aspects that you need to focus on when choosing goals.

2- Choose goals that give you authority

Setting goals like winning competitions, getting promoted, or finding a lifetime partner can be considered as challenging but somehow destructive in the way that you might risk putting yourself under too much pressure as well as having less control over the situations.

The idea is to avoid writing goals that are subject to other people’s judgments. Similar to what has been mentioned above, your goals shall rely less on other people for the reason that you can gain proper authority to maintain the pace, fix the errors, and make adjustments when necessary.

After all, you live your own life and no one else can have the right to pave the way besides you yourself.

3- Start small

Set the goals that you are able to achieve. It’s not wrong to dream big but it’s important to break them down into achieving phases when it comes to goals. For example, you can definitely achieve a healthy lifestyle that you want by starting with simple routines like waking up early or drink a lot of water.

Your goals should be small, easy, and simple because this helps prevent you from finding excuses to procrastinate and get started with a longing voice inside your head telling you that it is hard to achieve or too far from having it happened.

The more you achieve, the more you want to do more. From the simplest tasks that you have completed so far, they will give you inspiration for what are the bigger and more challenging goals that you should aim for the next.

4- Set the accurate time frame

Goals aren’t clear without a reasonable time frame. Too much time will make you feel relaxed while too little time will rush you up without proper preparation. Imagine, you have your goals set but you don’t know when to start and you keep slacking that in the end there is nothing done.

You need time to track yourself. You have to know when to start and when to finish. Completing your goals within a reasonable time set will give you a sense of responsibility and time will work as a drive to keep you pushing you to the finish line. Learn more: How to help people to set goals

5- Prioritize

After determining and constructing up a qualified list of goals, there seems to be quite many in a row for you to take in all at once. To avoid bringing yourself into this mess, what you need to do is to list them down and prioritize.

Consider starting from something simple or the ones that you really need to fix first given different time frames to make other goals go smoothly. Make sure that you are giving yourself enough room to breathe by not trying to complete several goals at once. Learn more on daily goals


Life is complicated in a way how we look at it. But there is always a solution to ease up the tension and pressure we received from the surroundings by having a good planning method.

Not only can you make greater achievements within a good time frame, you can also point out your own strengths and weakness as you try to fight over the rough road at your best.

Setting your goals gives you confident insight into what would happen next in life and also teach you to know yourself better as you sit down and seek solutions as you accomplish your goals.

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