The Importance of Time Management at Work

“Not enough time!” You must have heard this quite often from your colleagues, especially from those who are rushed off their feet to frantically work to meet deadlines. Why is there such a nasal whine of complaint echoing in your workplace?

If the answer is biased to the group of the Lazy Ones workers, we might put heavy workload and undefined deadline as an excuse for their fail to complete any assigned tasks. However, one fact that they seem to overlook is TIME.

Meaning that they totally underestimate the routines they are using to manage their time effectively. People are aware that TIME is priceless even we don’t assign a value to it, but still most of them don’t formulate a clear plan to schedule their work at all because they probably don’t realize how useful time management is in their work life.

Why is Time Management so important?

We have laid out five convincing reasons why time management matters to people at work or their everyday life routine:

1- Great Productivity

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with what you have done? 

There must be a difference in outcomes if we compare two groups of workers who have different time management techniques. People with good time management skill will not have a controversial schedule at all; they always set a realistic plan under a good work time frame to achieve one particular task.

They don’t need to rush, yet they will calm their soul and work in a relaxing pace. However, poor time management type will care only about set period of time and tend to take last-minute actions with less preparation and with haste attitude.

They complete their task just for the sake of getting it done only to avoid being complained or accused. Therefore, good time management is the greatest asset in work which can help yield fruitful results and make tasks innately fulfilling and enriching.

Once you set yourself time to complete task one within a period of time, your brain will remind you from time to time and fuel more energy to finish the job in order to get ready for the next task. This gives you enough time to run through it again and again so you can reduce errors and can even come up with greater ideas to add to the list.

A good example is to have a neat to-do list of tasks you plan to complete within the day and divide reasonable (but not too long) time to complete; then, be ready to feel the pleasure of striking each task as you nailed it without flaws.

2- Less Stressed

Mental health is one key topic that we cannot go without. When you are running behind a deadline, the anxiety and cautiousness would run through your veins while you are thinking of what would happen if you cannot finish the uncompleted pile of works in front of you which sometimes, could cause serious symptoms like insomnia or even mental blocks due to stress.

Our brain can function well if we give it enough time to have a well-deserved rest. By this, do you hear the phrase “Enough Time” again? Of course, time enables us to be calm. Once our schedule is planned intelligently, there is no longer experience of time-sensitive tasks in a rushed manner.

We certainly have enough leisure time to entertain ourselves to drive life forward to a stress-free life. People who managed to have a good control on their time usually enjoy a good night’s sleep that can reproduce creativity and refreshments to be ready for the next day.

Imagine just how panic it is if we have very limited time to handle a big task without breaking into manageable chunks under right time slots! Can our mental health be okay at this point?  

3- Professional Reputation

Clear-sighted people can always see things in a different light. The same scenario to people at work! If they can make use of time they are having, they will surely take the lead and there is a possibility to outperform other colleagues.

Promotion, bonus, or praise is added incentive that is exclusively for remarkable performance staff. Therefore, the ability to manage time properly at work is extremely essential and this simply helps earn you credit to live up to your expectations. 

4- Welcome New Opportunities

At work consistently be a person with laid-back yet responsible attitude. If you can accomplish your tasks on time and never miss deadlines, it is undeniably because of your good time utilization. You can be busy as a bee but as productive as sloth on a duvet day.

Once you happen to have spare time, you have to keep reminding yourself to give more room to grow. However, if you are up to your ears every day in work, you will never have time to try out new things.  

Is it that bad to thirst for knowledge?  The answer is “No!” As long as you got time, be ready to take up new challenges and grab more opportunities to broaden your horizons. 

5- Modern Lifestyle 

We are living in the 21st century and the world is moving rapidly beyond our imagination, so it is about time to adopt a modern lifestyle. Be someone who is able to establish an ideal work-life balance.

Draw up your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedule with a clear agenda. By having time management skills to separate your private time from working time, you are already lifting yourself from trapping in a nomadic lifestyle. 

Final Thought

If you are still reading until this part, it certainly means that you really have the intention to change your current lifestyle. All in all, if you are capable to challenge yourself and manage the time successfully, not only you can gain achieving results and good reputation at work, but you can also effortlessly map out your personal goal setting with the same mindset.

Changing a habit can hard, but doesn’t mean that it’s not possible! Do it now, not tomorrow and then get ready to enjoy life at another level.