Multi-Function Egg Cutter

Multi-Function Egg Cutter

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Product Description

Stainless steel egg/fruit slicer made with strong, tight wires to quickly and cleanly cut through hard-boiled eggs. Egg lovers enjoy using this premium quality egg slicer.

★ Slice your other favorite foods such as mushrooms, soft cheese, cucumbers, and more.

★ Makes perfect slices! The special 2 in 1 design slices of eggs on one side and turn them into moon-shaped wedges on the other.

★ Dishwasher safe.

★ Professional Egg Slicer: Only used for cutting BOILED EGGS (Not for kiwi, tomato, strawberries, avocado, or slightly harder than a boiled egg) to create diced eggs, simply rotate your already-cut egg in the room and slice again. Keep rotating until the cubes bits are just the right size.

★ Protect Your Fingers from Cutting Boiled Eggs With A Knife

★ Material: 304 stainless steel / PP plastic (base)

★ Size: 20x9x3.8cm

★ Durable & Safe Material: These kitchen tools are made from thick, robust food grade non-toxic BPA free plastic and stainless steel to provide years of reliable performance.

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