List of Goals to Set for Yourself

Goal setting is a powerful method for considering your long-term future and for moving yourself into the desired reality. If you want to achieve something, you need to set specific goals. And without goals, you lack focus and control.

The way toward setting goals encourages you to choose where you need to go in life. By knowing specifically what you wish to accomplish and where to concentrate your efforts. You'll also quickly recognize the confusion that can simply guide you wrong.

For instance, having ten million dollars in the bank is evidence of success if one of your goals is to become rich. If your goal is to do charity, then saving the money for yourself is absolutely opposite to how you defined success.

If you wish to strongly develop in the near future, you need to produce some good ideas of how you want to do so. Therefore, these are the list of long term happiness goals you are possibly needed.

List of Long-Term Happiness Goals - To take control of your life

The first step in setting goals is to think about what you require to achieve in your lifetime. Setting long term happiness goals provides you the overall view that shapes all other features of your decision making.

These are goals of all the things you like to do before you die. To give a balanced report of all important areas in your life, try to set goals in some of the following categories.

I- Personal Development Goals

These are goals for yourself to be the best person you can possibly be. These goals can consist of becoming more mentally strong, having more confidence, building self-esteem, reflecting on your day, changing bad habits, or even meditating. 

These goals are for your own happiness and benefit. So, if you do not incorporate them into your daily lives, it is your loss. These goals are very impactful on your other goals as well. In fact, it is a domino effect away. 

1- Identify Your Purpose In Life

If you want to be satisfied, happy, and encounter inner peace, you need to learn how to find your passion and life purpose. Without a life purpose as the compass to lead you, your goals may not conclusively satisfy you.

2- Manage Your Time Effectively

One of the most powerful tricks you can control in life is the strength to effectively manage your time. If you are not using your time carefully, it is pretty low odds you are going to reach your daily goals.

As a result, you will make a bigger paces in less time if you include effective time management skills in your everyday life.

The benefit of time management:

  • Manage your time in the most productive way possible
  • Limit distractions that waste time
  • Invest yourself more quality living and enjoy life
3- Make Better Decisions in Life

Our lives are full of choices. You are making hundreds of decisions every months, from small to big decisions: which shirt to wear today, who to get married to, etc.  

Make those decisions right and your life can hugely change in all kinds of positive measures. Although sometimes we make poor decisions that give us unhappy moods or absolute regrets.

You must have an ability to predict the future, precisely see the current situation, have the information into the minds of others and manage vulnerability.

4- Having A Problem-Solving Ability

Effective problem solving is one of life’s most useful skills that we use every day to deal with any challenges of life. The ability to break problems down into manageable pieces and find a way through.

You can get the advantage of having great problem-solving abilities as everyone always faces problems all the time. Some of these obstacles are certainly more difficult than others. It is great to have the ability to tackle all difficulties effectively and in an appropriate way without trouble.

5- Improve your Self-Awareness

it is all about recognizing your emotions, your personal strengths, weaknesses, and having a strong understanding of your own value, then adjust your strategy to best suit the sort of person you are. People who lack self-awareness find living in a difficult life.

Therefore, spend some quiet time alone at least once a week. Avoid possessing problems and opportunities during this time and let your thoughts flow in good directions.

6- Develop your Self-Confidence - Do Something that Scares You

Nobody is born with endless self-confidence. It is something that you learn to build up. Do not overrate the opponent and undervalue yourself. You are better than you think.

By doing something that terrifies you daily and growing confidence from every activity, you will see your self-confidence pop up.

7- Change Something To Be a Better Person

So, to become a better person, you must eager to change. It is the best way to develop and improve into the person you want to turn into. Many people are afraid of change, which can make it very difficult to grow.

8- Improve Your Creativity

Creativity encourages you to gain happiness and productivity. It helps you to transform mundane tasks into rewarding projects and It’s a good idea to use your creativity.

Incorporate creativity into your routine can make the tasks genuinely enjoyable! Every time you face something not-fun on your to-do list, try to find ways to insert some creativity into it. You will have much fun, complete your tasks easily, and improve your creativity at the same time.

9- Showing Humility

Learning to become humble helps you to build trust, which is the key to leadership improvement and smashing your goals.

10- Believe In Yourself

Give yourself a little trust and strength to face and defeat any difficulty or challenge. While you have them, you can offer life with purpose and confidence, and they will cause you a great chance for peace.

II- Develop a Healthy routine

Having health goals such as your diet, fitness, life balance, etc will help you live a long and enjoyable life. Create goals to modify your lifestyle as needed to optimize your health.

11- Strengthen your Physical Fitness

Become more physically active will keep you focused and motivated. Do something physical such as going to the gym or taking a walk every day. 

12- Meditate every Morning

Meditation helps fight depression, anxiety and improves pain tolerance. Take five minutes in the morning to sit and do nothing can really help improve your mood.

13- Stay Offline at Least One Day per Week 

Staying offline will have a high effect on making you only focus on what is really important. When you step away from useless memes, celebrity news, you are freeing your brain to focus on what really signifies to you. Take one day of the week (choose any day you like) to stay totally offline and off from your computer.

14- Drink More Water

There are such a large number of advantages to drinking water because your body requires it to live. Remaining hydrated keeps your mind stay active and makes your skin glow. 

15- Walk After Lunch or Dinner

Taking a slow walk after dinner truly helps you to reset your brain, boost your food digest, and get healthy fresh air before returning back home.

16- Eat More Veggies

Veggies have nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which all have crucial roles inside your body that keep it functioning well.

17- Go to Bed at a Reasonable Time

Get enough sleep at least 7 hours per night, and choose the reasonable between 8 p.m and midnight. It’s very necessary to get the proper amount of sleep on all the time to protect you from possible health issues.

18- Keeping Track of your Health

Make an appointment with your doctor annually to keep track of your health over time.

III- Career Goals

Your career is one of the main elements of your life that will decide your life-long adventure. Therefore, it is critical to make career goals that allow you to feel motivated and spend your time wisely doing something that you’re really passionate about.

19- Find a Career You are Really Passionate About

Identify what you love to do and doing it often will have such a great impact on your career life. You will see the strength and passion you never knew you ever had, and this will reach other areas of your life as well. 

This passion can be big or small. Try it, search deeply into it, and let it feed your inner fire.

20- Master your Professional Skills

Earning a professional degree or skill in your passionated field is a favourable goal to achieve. It can help you in the future if you want to apply for a promotion or change careers. By joining professional development programs, you are investing in the growth of your career.

21- Build Reputation

Start improving your career reputation and prepare a basis that will allow you to build the best reputation possible. A positive reputation leads to a higher salary, greater revenues, or gains in your social status.

22- Take High Responsibilities

When you're completely responsible for everything you do in your life, your dependency on others will disappear. You will not have to depend on others like you always did in the past. Manage a few small projects to gain project management skills and experience.

23- Power Up your Management & Leadership Abilities

Learn Management & Leadership skill, so you are able to set more realistic goals, develop strategic work plans and make decisions quickly. It helps you to gain respect from employees and your colleagues, which can create a stronger and more united work productive. 

24- Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Focus on quality is crucial for your business in order to satisfy your customers and maintain their support so they continue to buy from you in the future. Quality products make an outstanding contribution to long-term revenue and profitability. 

25- Creating Work-Life Balance

Make your own self-care a priority so that you’re designating time outside the office to your exercise and health goals.

26- Taking a Break Regularly

Take a few minutes whenever you can for a small break. Wherever, in the bathroom or the coffee room, take a few deep breaths and concentrate on your mind. Remind yourself that work can be stressful but we don’t need to let the stress hit you hard. 

IV- Educational Goals

It is important for everyone to learn many things as we develop forward so that we will be able to recognize all the difficulties that life has designed for us.  

Education helps you develop the ability to think better about circumstances that are likely to happen in the future. 

27- Know your Strengths and Weaknesses

Understanding what makes you become strong and where you get support can assist you to maintain your personal and career life. 

Self-knowledge is a robust tool that too many people overlook because it's really hard or inconvenient, or because it makes them feel uncomfortable. 

28- Learn Something New More Often

We learn many things each and every day; life is always giving us lessons. But you can also commit to meaningful learning in order to challenge yourself, grow your mind, and promote good mental health.

29- Read 20 pages daily

You probably wish to read a little more, right? Try to read 10 pages after waking up and 10 pages before sleeping, and you’ll be finishing books in a short time!

30- Find mentors

Mentors can provide valuable support, advice and develop skills for you. Also, you will learn from the experiences of them and gain helpful insight into the next stage of life.

31- Take one Self-Development Course

It is important to continue learning. Invest in yourself by taking self-development courses that focus on personal growth. It can be on anything like management, public speaking, or language learning.

32- Learning Second Languages

Learning second languages provide a competitive advantage in career opportunities and help you to understand how other people think. Also, you are able to participate more effectively and responsibly in a multi-cultural world if you know another language.

33- Learn Public Speaking Skill

Public speaking will improve your communication and leadership skills, your confidence and your ability to understand people more clearly. It can actually raise your performance and achievement in other sectors of your life.

V- Finance Goals

You have to set financial goals in order to become financially stable. Without setting these goals, you are setting yourself at risk of spending freely and wasting money.

34- Create a Monthly Budget

Money is one of the biggest points of conflict in most areas of your life. So creating a monthly budget allowed you to get your money under control.

35- Build an Emergency Fund

Your emergency fund covers you during an unexpected financial disaster and can help prevent you from going into debt. It also provides peace of mind if you lose your job or business, become too sick or have to cover a home repair, etc.

36- Do a No-Spend Challenge

Challenge yourself to not spend anything money for a certain period of time. It helps you to cut out all non-essential spending to show yourself that you can live without it. However, you still need to spend money on necessities.

37- Live with Debt-Free

If you’re already in debt and have no emergency fund to pay back on, you’re in financial disaster. By losing a job or a medical crisis could leave you incapable to meet the payments on your debt.

38- Have Extra Income Sources

Earning extra income can completely change your life. You can quit living clueless, you can pay off all your debt, and more.

39- Donate Regularly

Whether it’s your time, money or skills, make sure you begin to involve in a cause that is you really care about. If it’s something that matters to you, the best thing you can do is support that in any way that you can!

40- Open an Investment Account

Investing isn’t that hard, but it is surely something you should be doing! Whether or not it’s a good idea for you to invest right now is your own financial ability.

41- Save for Something Big

Going over your spending limit, you should always set financial goals for yourself, no matter how much money you make or how much debt you have. If you are planning to get married in the next year, you have to save 20,000$ for it.

42- Planning for Retirement

People usually never thinking about retirement until they are about to stop working. And that’s a wasted opportunity. You will be regret not to plan and save for a personal secure retirement.

VI- Relationship goals

It’s good to maintain healthy relationships between your partner, family, friends, and community. Setting goals for yourself and your relationship will set you up to accomplish way more and keeping your relationship strong.

43- Upgrade Your Communication Skills

You need to learn how you socialize and communicate with different people depend much on our regular lives. Learning to interact with your own feelings, and understanding other people's feelings, you can produce a healthy relationship, be a reliable friend, help something go smoothly, and decrease the risk of a fight.

44- Stay connected with Family & Friends

Reconnecting with your partner and family to maintain that good relationship, stay involved in each other’s lives, and sharing any problems that one of you is facing. 

45- Start a Family Once You Are Ready

Start a family is a personal choice so there’s no set method on how to decide whether you’re ready or not. However, you can consider having a partner or children when you are totally ready.

46- Reach Out to a Distant Family Member Once a Month

As families grow up and move away from each other, it is easy to lose touch. Calling them some time to just catch up during the year. This will help you maintain those healthy relationships and keep in touch with your loved ones.

47- End one Relationship that Drains You

We all have relationships that take more from us than what we have to give. So it's time for you to distance yourself from that negative person.

48- Surround Yourself with Positive People

You are the outcome of your surroundings that you interact with every day. As a result, you think and behave in a similar way to those people you spend time with the most. So it is important to choose people you wish to be surrounded by.

49- Join a Club

Consider your interests or hobbies and find a local club where compatible people come together to engage in that activity. This will help you develop more relationships in your area, make new friends and have some more fun through your rest time.

50- Volunteer

Give back to your community by volunteering in your free time. It’ll make you feel good, and doing a lot of good for others.

VII- Travel

You may stay sitting on a chair all day long at the workplace, it's not always a good idea to do that all year. Consider some trip activities to make your body feel better. Traveling enhances your health, from reducing stress to lowering your chances of catching heart disease.

51- Try the Adventure to New Places You’ve Never Been Before

Traveling frees us up to meet new people and gain new experiences. It gives us a new view on life and teaches us valuable lessons that we never would have learned before.

Final Thoughts

I believe that you still can come up with your own unique smart goals for 2020 and further. but hopefully, this list will encourage you to make more positive changes in your life. 

It doesn't matter if you don’t know what you want for your future yet, listing goals will help you making progress in some way.

Remember that your goals may change over time, so it's good to re-arranging and adjusting them toward your success. 

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