How To Figure Out Who You Are

You probably question yourself why I am doing this? What turns me to be like this? How come I do this? Or you even ask, “Who am I?”

You can feel lost sometimes. You can be a drama queen. You can feel I am the only one. You fathom being loved. You can feel weighed down by your difference. You can isolate yourself and lock yourself up in your safe zone. You can be silent. You can hide your face from the mirror.

You can cry. BUT you can’t give up! You can’t hate yourself! You can’t let people who don’t deserve the authority to insensibly shape your destiny and blindly write your life story!

Hey, wake up!!! Don’t fritter away too much time on that long lost nightmare. Don’t drown yourself in that well of confusion.

You know what? I was inspired by “The Greatest Showman”. I was hooked by one scene which is really related to this topic and it might help you to some extent. The Greatest Showman is a movie about a man who is persistent, ambitious, and talented.

He devoted his life to a circus. I love the part when he recruited performers who were born with differences, who never found their inner selves, and who was living with identity confusion to his circus group.

He changed them to be confident, to be self-loved, and to be expressive. More than that you will be amazed by the lyric of the soundtrack “This Is Me”; it’s so touching and powerful.

So, you too also can pave the way for yourself, the way to find your authentic self. It’s about time to go against the impossible checkmarks that have been placed upon us! Simply you have to find the answers to how to figure out who you are?

1. You have to accept what makes you different

Remember you were born unique. It is virtually impossible that every single human creature in this universe was born on the same day, has the same face, has the same sex, has the same skin color, has the same appearance, and has the same name.

We can share one or two features in common, but we cannot paste the whole package from another. This never ever happens! God has manufactured each of you and designed you to different functions and a distinctive lifespan. Therefore, you should understand by now why we are different. You must appreciate what you possess at present.

What you think it is awkward for you and it is difficult to deal with, the ability that you have always loathed to own, and your reflection from the mirror that should not have existed on earth are not the same way as you think at all!

You have never known that these unwanted qualities by you are something that other people feel envious of and are longing to have them so desperately.

Therefore, from now on you have to acknowledge your distinction. You have to wrap yourself with grace and self-compassion; opt for the powerful tools to dig and polish the gems inside you and make them invaluable. Do not forget you are the hero of your life story, and you are the only one who can find an identity to yourself.

2. Try out new things

This year, this month, in this week, on this day, at this hour if you still can’t get a line on who you are yet, we suggest you follow your heart, your purpose, your personal instinct, or your reasoning. Step out of your comfort zone, unlock your door, and breakthrough those barriers.

If you love traveling, but you have no gang or no accompany, why don’t you try a solo trip? If you love swimming but have no swimming pool at home, why don’t you go out and try a public swimming pool? If your dream is to be an artist, but you have never thought to get approval from your parents because they are educators, don’t just keep it to yourself. Talk with them first! You will never know whatever the consequence is if you don’t allow yourself time to try it yet.

You have to identify what brings joy to your life, set the limits, find new ways of being, and understand what gives you power in the world. Then, after the exploration, you will be able to find the light that you are craving and that wondrous flow of experiences will be the foundations to help you engineer your life. Be afraid of failures or live a life of doubt-doubt of constantly asking yourself “Who am I?”

Darling, this is not the end yet, it is just the beginning of your life chapter. Please be the greatest author of your life and write a charming story of yours. You are beautiful and it’s time to start believing it.

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3. Don’t let someone’s critical side navigate your journey

It’s true that you can always express your thought when things contradict your opinions. This is logical enough that people also can speak up their minds about you anytime, anywhere, and in whatever ways they want to. You have no right to get a tape to seal their mouth and you also cannot even take away their freedom to express.

Bear in your mind criticism can have both negative and positive influences on your life. To the negative side, if you take it too personally, it will definitely let you down and even make you want to vanish off the face of the earth. You will feel so small. You will be so pessimistic about life. You will be so hopeless. You will be so discouraged. You will keep blaming yourself. You will see yourself as an alien who should never exist on this planet.

In short, if you are too weak to fight back, criticism will dictate you and it will demolish what you have built so far, the wall of positivity, the bridge to find authentic self, and the empire of triumph.

So then you have to gather all the strength to your knees, stand up and never let criticism suppress you. You have to confront and challenge it back. Meanwhile, you have to be smart to take advantage of criticism. Do not completely believe in your negative thought!

Their words can be the fuel to burn your eagerness to solve the riddle- the riddle of who you are. Ignite your soul and take all the guts to prove to them who you really are. You can’t just stand still and let their foolish mouth beat you up.

You have to be grateful to those people who criticize you, yet who at least give you a chance to be true to yourself to be brave to face up to the fact. After the rain, the sun will shine. For every challenge encountered there is an opportunity for growth.

4. Act now

Don’t sit on the couch and wait for it. People say, “While we wait for life, life passes.” Don’t think of procrastination here! If you want to uncover the mask, you have to be ready anytime to step out of your comfort zone either by choice or force. Take action and let’s see!

Only you can embark on the quest to realize your true identity. You have to define yourself before others define you!
BUT when things don’t go your way, what you have to do is to take a BREAK. Don’t be frustrated. You need to calm down. Give yourself a well-deserved rest to stay focused to draft another plan for the upcoming endeavor. Don’t be rushed off your feet. What it needs is time. Believe me, you can always find who you are! It is just a matter of time!

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Final Thought:

I understand you may feel exhausted someday. You may want to take sleeping pills that can help you sleep forever. There is no way to live a life without flaws and problems.

Even so, once you are able to figure out who you are, you will have a sense of direction. You have a clear agenda in life; you can check your to-do list anytime. Again, this will help minimize the errors and help build the protective shield to your inner spirit.

Remember the three important tips to discover your true identity.

  1. Acknowledge your difference
  2. Try out new things
  3. Banish negativity
  4. Act now

Your efforts, distress, and experiences make you who you are. Always believe in yourself and never let destructive emotions direct you to the middle of nowhere. Your everyday life is beautiful and flourished when you insert three self-s, self- compassion self-acceptance, and self-love into it.

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