How To Deal With Stress At Work in 6 Easy Steps

It is undeniable that everyone must have experienced a kind of feeling that hinders you from doing something else in your list, or a feeling of tense, anxiety, and pressure resulting from any force or circumstances exerted on you. Undoubtedly, this is “STRESS”, the word that you commonly hear everywhere. 

“Hey, I’m so stressed right now; I cannot move on; I think I have to stop”, “This is driving me crazy! I might die because of stress soon”, “I need to take some break, and I want some time to chill out.” You probably have heard this tone of complaining quite often! When stress overloaded and you haven’t got any clear tendency towards stress management, simply this will happen.

Stress can be caused in family, my relationship, at school, and also at work. According to the American Institute of Stress, 16% of workers have quit their jobs due to stress. The impacts of stress can be minor or massive depending on how people understand the stressors and the readiness to take effective actions to combat it.

Therefore, we have studied some multiple stressors at work and come up with some actionable tips that you can consider to follow to relieve or deal with stress that you are encountering at work.

1- Every day is a fresh start

Not everyone loves Monday. If every day you have a lot on your plate if your work never has an ending, and if the deadline is always ringing in your head, after all, you will not want to get up and start off your day. Then what can be done?

The answer is to learn to have a clear plan and tentative agenda for your own sake. Prioritize tasks and break them into manageable junks.

Be calm and follow your plan accordingly, so you won’t be rushed off your feet. Go step by step and prepare things ahead. The new day is the new beginning; you will see yourself in a smart suit and a smiling face with a cup of coffee. 

2- Sound sleep, good food 

We need a brain and energy to work. That’s why good physical and mental health is a must to keep. Give yourself enough time to sleep, minimize screen time, and go to bed early.

As long as your brain functions well, you will not get lost at work and your tasks can be completed shortly and the outcome will be more satisfactory in both quantity and quality. Plus, always stick to a healthy diet, by eating nutritious food, being sure of vitamin requirements in your body, and eating regularly.

Once you are healthy, you can perform your job efficiently. Can you still feel stressed when the task is way all accomplished successfully already?

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3- Positive Attitude

Your attitude towards your job means everything. Be a person who is more positive at work. You have to grow love and passion in what you are doing and never see things too much complex like there is no way out.

Keep reminding yourself no matter how tough or time-consuming the task is things still can be sorted out by a human. Be more optimistic and forget about the negative mindset, so you won’t be stressed out easily. 

Moreover, everything will not be mixed up and out of your hands if you maintain proper control of it. There will never be a headache at work when you are well-organized and proactive.

4- Establish a good rapport with colleagues 

Team spirit plays a fundamental role in driving forwards to success. Working, sharing, learning, having fun with your colleagues will evoke a more cheerful mood at work, and it also turns a workplace to a vibrant community where you won’t find yourself struggling and suffering alone.

However, if the environment in your workplace is a harsh one full of conflict, fierce rivalry, and jealousy, it is never easy for you to feel at ease and perform your work properly. In that case, these distracting stressors simply demotivate you, and no wonder you will feel more stressed at work.

5- Comfortable working environment

The reason I quit my previous job is due to an unpleasant environment. The space of my workplace was small and the building was surrounded by other taller buildings, which makes light from the sun hard to come to the office.

Moreover, the dim light in the room also made me feel kind of sleepy and gloomy, of course, I had a difficult time staying energized and focused and never got a chance to think outside the box.

Knowing this, comfortable chair, big desk, clean office room, the temperature, and the interior design also help you reduce stress at work and make yours a soothing workplace.

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6- Be relaxed

Don’t insist on pushing yourself hard if things don’t go right and get stuck middle way. All you need now is to take a break, get your sight away from the computer screen for a while and take a sip of your favorite coffee or get some fresh drinks, which help make you feel better.

After your lunch break, breathe in breathe out and do some yoga if possible; this also helps reactivate your mood. Put headphones on and start playing your favorite playlists. Music also does great things for your mood.


Stress can happen anytime at work, and stress can go extreme or low solely relies on how you can afford to manage it. To completely eliminate it seems virtually impossible.

However, to combat it, it takes good stress management techniques that we mentioned above. Adopt any technique that works for you and customize it to your own use then your day at work will be beautiful and fruitful at the end. 

It is okay to idle some time away and forget about multitasking and being a perfectionist. Say “Hello!” to a stress-free day.

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