How To Be More Productive at Home

Spending time at home can be quite frustrating if you are an active or outgoing person and don’t know what to do. Given certain circumstances that force you to stay home, either it is because of the upcoming rain storms, that car that needs to be fixed or the self-quarantine practice if you do not want to spread a bad cold, staying home seems like the best option so far.

Although it is good to be out and socializing with friends, there are still many ways to keep you busy and productive while staying home that can help lessen the restraints your body needs to release. 

1- organizing Your Room

Remember the last time you took a mental note to clean your room when you rushed to go to work? Well, the time has come! Set a starting point and the time you need to clean each part of the room so that you won’t feel intimidated by the workloads that are gonna come.

Sometimes, it’s fun as you go through the old books or photo albums which reminds of happy memories a long time ago. Rearrange your closet by grouping different types of clothes by their own sections so next time you are getting ready for an outing, you know where to find them. 

By some means, our mood is affected by our surroundings and smell according to what the eyes can see and how the nose can sense. Having an organized room can make you feel refreshed that encourage you to continue to the entire house. Consider having an upbeat music playlist as you danced around cleaning your personal space. Have fun!

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2- Learning New Recipes

If you are not enjoying the instant food you are having right now, then maybe it is the best time for you to broaden up your cooking skills!

Either it is a snack, pastry, dessert or coffee, try out one of those trending recipes on Pinterest with the ingredients or tools you have to fit your own preference and share it with the family, see if they like it! Take it as a motivation to get out of what you are used to cooking while also learning something new.

Not only it provides fun to everyone, but you also achieve one or two new productivity adding to your dining table each day. 

3- Picking a New Hobby

After a hearty home-cooked meal, you might not want to sit and reach out to your phone again while trying to digest your food! Get up and find something interesting to do. Keep your mind occupied with small fun chores. What’s even more rewarding is you get something out of it!

If you have a small space, try turning it to your newly owned vegetable garden by starting off with easy-growing herbs and spice. Having more greens in the house will increase the oxygen level and save you from spending small bucks on those basic ingredients from the market.

Gardening also helps us with anxiety and be more patient as we grow everything from day one until harvesting the well spent hard work and time. 

If you are not good at gardening, try some DIY crafting or tricks that require fewer works such as knitting a new sweater for your dog, or renovate your old coffee table to a high-class tea-time piece of furniture. Do not worry about running out of things to do!

4- Learning a New Language

So you think you are fluent in English after your native language, then why not add fancy French accent or the popular Korean speaking ability to your criteria?

Learning a new language a few days per week or during weekends by treating it as a part-time class can be quite easy for your brain to take in. You can find free books with easy interpretation and thorough explanations for starters and online audio lessons to help you pronounce correctly without having to go to an exact school.

Practice your new language by listening to your favorite songs or watching dramas with subtitles on. Who said learning is boring? Not anymore!

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5- Reading

If staying in one place makes you restless or boring, the best way is to read. Rather than scrolling on your social media feeds, why not take a break from the world and read instead? Reading helps you concentrate and keep you focus.

There are tons of open-sourced e-books that you can find on the internet to kill time with. Reading a good adventure book can take you to a different world while reading a mystery series takes you to the scenes where you want to be the detector to solve the problems, which answers to why people like reading.

6- Writing

Take a break from electronics and start writing about the things you have always wanted to do. Studies showed that writing can improve one’s intellectual and emotional benefits. There are many things to write about.

Start jotting down what you plan to do today or make it into a fun to-do list and strike out one by one as you finish. Write down how your day went on and whom you think about the most along with the things you want to say to them. 

Think of five persons or things you are grateful for, then write them down into a book and later show it to yourself or the persons you were writing about.

If it’s hard to finish the list, think of one movie that you have always loved watching and write down a summary of favorite plot twists that caught your attention the most. The more you write, the better ideas keep popping up every here and there as you go.

7- Doing Exercises

Even if you stay home, being active is still important because it helps to detox unwanted calories and maintain your physical fitness. Doing exercise doesn’t mean you have to be outside or running at long distances. Take an online yoga class, for example.

It is a calm way of being fit by meditating in your room listening to your choice of background sounds. If you think being on low sound mode is not your taste, blast up the bass and start dancing.

Learn new dancing tricks or try to master those recommended dancing videos on internet. As long as you sweat, the toxic chemicals released and your immune system will get stronger as you start the day. 

Doing this as a routine does not only brighten up your day but it also energizes your body to keep doing chores or spending the rest of your day feeling fresh.

Final Thought 

Beside working at office, being productive at home means spending your time more efficiently and healthily while also bringing positive results back as an extra. As humans, we have to learn and adapt to new changes flexibly and fast which leads us to practice new habits and routines in order to handle the problems well.

Rather than wasting time staying home and doing nothing at all, being occupied with fun activities will turn things around to better outcomes including your well-being as well as people around you. Try some of the tips above and share with us what worked for you or let us know what other tips are good to spend time at home more effectively.

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