How To Be Happy with Yourself in 11 Steps

I’ve just listened to a song called “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Woo hoo! Of course, the lyric is so true! Nothing can plague my mind because I am happy. I couldn’t agree more! 

I conducted a survey with a group of my friends; I asked them, “What is your ultimate goal in life?” and most of them promptly responded, “To be happy.” 

No one wants to be unhappy! Well, we all were born in this universe and I am sure everyone must long for a happy life, a life without sufferings and sadness. Unfortunately, our life story cannot be the same, and please do not put all the blame on god.

We are the author of our story. If you want it to be intriguing, you have to make it clear at the beginning. You have to draft every detail of life and map them on one set agenda to be sure that life story started with a wonderful introduction and finished with a happy ending. 

However, it’s easier said than done! In reality, life is not as easy and as simple as we think. Along the way to the ending, there are plenty of obstacles, challenges, and disappointments, which take you to willingly release yourself from this cycle of pains and sufferings to seek the true meaning of life – to be happy. 

How To Be Happy with Yourself? No worries, we have listed down some useful tips below which are so practical for you to follow in order to be happy every day.

1- Set off with a healthy daily routine

A simple question, how can you be happy with yourself if you are sick? Remember health always comes first. Having enough sleep, eating nutritious food, and exercising are all good indicators for both physical and mental health. 

According to the research, lack of sleep or improper sleep patterns leads to the risk of many health disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and depression. When you are depressed already, there is no space for the word “Happy” in your life. 

Therefore, if you want to be happy, all it takes is to be physically healthy by changing your sleep patterns, having a balanced diet, and regularly doing exercising. Also, you have to maintain excellent mental health by being more positive in life, giving much love to others, learning to show gratitude to what people have done to you, being more kind and humane, and not holding grudges anymore.

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2- Go for what you love

Try to reduce the word “Afraid” from your diary. Life is short and time is running out: hence, you had better make the best use of it. It’s hard to use the money to buy love from someone, but it is not that hard to buy yourself happiness.

Don’t ever make it become too late. Buy yourself some new fashionable clothes, taste food inexpensive restaurants, go on a trip, stay at the luxurious hotel at least once in a lifetime, or go wild in a nightclub. 

Do what you love and always strive for it. Do not care too much about other people’s words. Bear in mind you are the owner of you; you can design and you can edit your life to whatever extent you want. Don’t let others be you. Don’t let others define you, shape you, and take your freedom away. You live only once, so don’t be afraid too much! 

3- Appreciate your own success

Learn to love yourself more and more. Keep saying nice and encouraging words to yourself habitually to cheer yourself up. Make your every day a beautiful day with a fresh new start.

Whenever you have achieved something, smile and tell yourself, “You have done a very good job today!” Count all the achievements you have made no matter how small or big they are. Celebrate your success! Don’t wait for others to congratulate you; the first person to say “Congratulations!” is you. 

Moreover, buy yourself new stuff or experience new things as a reward when you have completed any tasks! Hey, that is your victory! You deserve a prize! Learn more about Self-appreciation

4- Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparison is the root cause of being less confident and being demotivated. People were born differently and were destined to have different walks of life. We are having different destiny and all the owners of our destiny. 

The way you see yourself worthless is not always correct. Sometimes what you don’t like about yourself is what others ache to have it, is something that others envy you and what to take it away from you. So, stop comparing! You are beautiful in your own way! The more you compare yourself to others, the more disappointment grows in you. 

5- Build more relationship

Life without friends! It’s so lifeless to live without friends. We have to acknowledge that friends are one major part of our life, and I believe there must be time that friends can give us more happiness than our family. We can make friends with someone unless we have many things in common and have similar interests and personalities.

Having someone who listens to your story, whom you can hang out with, who can be as crazy as you, whom you can keep your secret, who can lift you up when you fall, and who can support you when you need help will be the real happiness and the only asset that you have to cherish in life. 

Intimacy will warm your soul and you will never have a feeling of being abandoned and ignored. You are lucky to have best buddies coming to your life, and this is the only reason that brings a smile to your face every day. 

6- Don’t be a perfectionist

Have you ever heard this well-known saying, “No one is perfect”?  As the saying goes, the meaning lies beneath that phrase is to tell you to learn to accept that we human beings are never perfect. We make mistakes and we fall sometimes.

But, we cannot let the failures be the reason to lure us to give up. Once you give up, you are a loser. Once you are a loser, your self-love is diminished. Once the love you have for yourself is less, the happiness level is also degraded. 

For this reason, stop worrying and tell yourself that it is all right to make mistakes. Learn from the mistakes and consider them as foundations for your future success. 

7- Good budget plan

Why is money so influential? Some people say, “Money is not everything!” But if you don’t have money, how can you buy happiness for yourself?  

Happiness can be pictured in many ways such as living with your important someone, doing whatever your heart wants, buying things you have been planning, etc. That is the reason why you need to have to sound management of your income and expense and always stick to a budget plan, so your finance will be healthy. 

The good budget plan will give you a good night's sleep; you don’t need to have stress and worries about the next day. 

8- Creativity

Being creative is also one approach you can choose to enjoy yourself. Do you believe me or not?     For example, recently you feel blah; things suck. However, cooking is a big part of your life; no matter what you never leave cooking aside.

Then if you are feeling down now, why don’t you do something with your cooking skill? Let people see it! Develop your original recipe, take a video, and upload it on YouTube. So, at least a day spent on doing something you love is worthwhile and that is the real definition of happiness. You can also develop musical or artistic creativity as long as you feel happy with yourself. 

9- Rekindle precious memories

Whenever I see my photo albums of my memorable trip with my best friends, I don’t understand why smile and laughter always on my face? Actually, moods can be transferred from our memories to your feelings. When your days seem to be gloomy, nostalgic feelings can help make your days. 

Think of your finest, happiest, and proudest moments you ever had. Our past defines who we are today, and it is the mood boosters to fulfill your sense of self-confidence and spread more love to people around us. 

10- Forgive and forget

You are living in the present right now, so stop worrying too much about the past. If you keep worrying, how can you find yourself contentment, peace, and happiness? Try accepting what you have gone through and be proactive for what will be happening. Life is full of curiosities and surprises, so you should be aware and get used to that situation. 

Don’t pressure yourself to control things beyond its limits, and stop pointing the finger at yourself for what already happened. Live in the moment; don’t escape from reality. Learn to forgive

Final Though

As can be seen, there are many ways for you to decide to be happier than now. The light is already right out of the gate for you to chase. It’s up to you! Question yourself whether you want to live with gratitude for giving yourself happiness or you want to live with an apology for not giving yourself happiness? 

If you are smart, we recommended you to practice what mentioned above and your mind will never be steeped in negative. Stop waiting for a miracle to happen, take action now!

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