How to Be a More Positive Person with 6 Tips

As you live, there are inevitable factors related to school, work, relationships, health, or business that can let you down and somehow stop you from moving forward. There were actually many unfortunate cases and experiences, which should not have happened, that linked to depressions and stress. 

Having a positive mindset helps us outweigh negative thoughts and take in errors or mistakes as learnings to develop ourselves to be at our bests. When you are positive thinking and encouraging positive personality, you are likely to influence those positive vibes to people around you without yourself knowing and the cycle will repeat on and on then you can imagine how better the world would be to have more people around with this practice.

If you are feeling down or tired and seeking inspiration to lift up your tensions, here are some useful tips to help you become more positive. 

1- Try Not to Alter Too Much on Negative Thoughts

Do not expect only the worst! If there is one thing that stops people from being successful, then it would be fear. Fears of failure driven by negative mindset prove you to believe that bad omen will take over and bad things are likely to happen with uncountable reasons to what-ifs in your head. This is exactly a character that describes how a negative person would act and handle things in an unfavorable point of view. 

Instead of favoring more on the downside, why not take a look at the bright side as well? To be able to achieve something on your own makes you happier and even more hopeful for the upcoming challenges with possible solutions that encourage you to be stronger and moving on in contrast to succumbing to the darkness and not even trying at all.

You will never know unless you try it for yourself. Learn to accept mistakes and turn it to the opportunity to strive even better. 

2- Be thankful for everything you have

As humans, we somehow become our own critics who tend to knit-pick on mistakes rather than appreciating small good little things that we currently have. Appreciate your existence and be thankful for what has happened to you in life. No one is born perfect.

Everyone has flaws and unwanted traits that they wish they could fix or remove. Instead of pressuring yourself on those flaws, it is better to accept them as they are and turn it into your own advantage.

Be thankful that you have a home to live in, a loving family to care for, and good friends whom you can talk to. We all should be grateful that we are able to walk and run around, see everything with our own eyes, and breathe in the air as we live.

A good way of doing this is to write down what you feel grateful for and bring it up whenever you feel down. Now, spend five minutes writing down five things that made you smile.

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3- Avoid Being Harsh to Yourself

Instead of holding a grudge on someone who is more successful, you should acknowledge their strengths by learning to accept your own weakness and convert it to a drive that can enable you to achieve better.

While you are running too fast for your own speed and getting upset at yourself, slow down and take a moment to appreciate your own hard work. Pat yourself and telling yourself how you’ve gone this far and you’re great. 

Before you feel disappointed at yourself by always comparing yourself to someone else who is more outstanding, turn it to an encouragement and take a moment to look at people around by viewing it in different ways.

Encourage yourself by looking at some other people who are struggling hard to survive even if they have nothing compared to yourself. 

4- Let Go and Forgive

Learn to let some of your wants go sometimes when it is too much for you to handle can release the responsibilities that you have been holding for a long time and lessen the rules that you have set.

A good way of doing this is to set limits for your expectations compared to how potential you are like in order to achieve them. Be real and reasonable before you decide on which way you would choose and how would you be able to deal with the result.

If you do not want to let go due to fear of what people would say and criticisms that follow, the key is to learn to forgive: whether it’s to forgive yourself or someone who has wronged you before. We blame someone when we want them to hold responsible for an unfortunate result in order to look smart or not to feel guilty for.

Positive people hardly hold grudges or concerns for too long because they believe it wouldn’t help them solve the problems. Only honest actions and sincere hard works describe the real you, so let’s move on and forget about the past. 

5- Be Yourself and Do What You Love

You must have used to feel small when you are with someone your age who tends to be more intelligent or very good at what they do. In fact, everyone has their own talents and hidden skills that they are good at as long as they are able to figure out themselves and that’s why everyone is unique. You are important because you are different from everyone else. 

Don’t feel that you have to change yourself to fit someone’s expectations. You must have seen some people who could discover what they are good at after many years of doing what they are told to do in order to make a living. Think of what’s your favourite fields that you have been interested in.

Many people think only economic driven fields are highly valued and professional, but they might have missed the main drives to make them happy mentally including entertainments and recreational activities.

There are people who spend days and nights reading Mangas only for fun but then later realized they could be someone important in that field by becoming a plot writer or even graphic designer themselves. Confidence often comes with positive vibes so love yourself for who you are.

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6- Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

Beyond any dream a person could have, health must come first because it is what makes us alive and running. There’s the main reason to back up every doctor’s advice to do exercise and maintain a healthy diet. By practicing a healthy lifestyle, your brain is determined to keep you fresh with happy thoughts and creativities on a daily basis. 

If you start to feel exhausted, take some time to reward yourself like taking a road trip, reading inspiring books, surf the internet for cute animals in the wild or consult with friends if you have a great idea coming up or random things to talk about. 

Final Thought:

In life, there are always ups and downs that could let us down some time even if we believe that we have done everything and are ready for; however, without obstacles, we would not value the achievements and people around us that helped since the beginning and that is what makes life beautiful: you experience hardships and happiness along the way.

We confidently hope that the tips above would help lift up your self-esteem so you can take better care of yourself by filling your thoughts with a positive mindset in order to move on. 

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