Yummy Sticky Stir-Fried Chicken Recipe

This sticky chicken Stir Fry is a fantastic meal for busy weekday that’s cooked really quickly. It can be ready on the table in 20 minutes! It looks so tasty… and it’s really good!

It’s one of our favourite types of dishes to make and eat with rice. The flavours are combined to create a cheerful chicken stir-fry which makes our day great.

Watch the video here: Yummy Sticky Stir-Fried Chicken Recipe


  • Chicken
  • Scallions, chilli, garlic
  • Chicken powder, sugar, oyster sauce


Heat cooking oil in a large pan. Add chicken pieces, fry them for 5 minutes until cooked and sizzle. Then take it out.

In the same pan, place garlic, scallion and chilli in it; Stir-fries them for 30 seconds.

Season it with oyster sauce, salt, and sugar; Stir fry again until sauce thickens.

Place the fried chicken into the pan with remaining sauce. Stir fry them together until become sticky.

Dish out, taste for seasoning and adjust if needed. Please enjoy!!