Stir Fried Crab with Scallions

The hardest thing to do is finding the good quality crabs. If you can’t decide which crab is good or bad, you will end up with low quality ones.

When you go to fish market, the seller will always ask you if you want female or male crab. It’s tricky, it’s depends on the season to decide if they are healthy or not. So in here, we prefer blue crab for cooking.


  • Blue crabs
  • Scallions,
  • Palm sugar, fish sauce, oyster sauce
  • Chicken powder, pepper


(1) We normally slice the blue crabs like the pictures.

(2) Heat the wok over the medium heat, add cooking oil, following by chopped garlics and scallion.

Stir fry them a few seconds and add palm sugar on it, then stir fry them again like the pictures above.

(3) After the palm sugar melt, we add sliced crabs into the wok and stir fry it for a minute.

(4) Now time to add flavour: Fish sauce, chicken powder, pepper, and following by oyster sauce.

(5) Now we stir fry the crabs for 4 minutes until it’s turning orange. That mean it’s well cooked enough. Then we add more scallions on it, and stir fry them together.

(6) After cooked, what we gonna do is transferring them to a plate and ready to serve with rice. The crab meat is sweet enough, so it’s optional to not add more sugar to it.

Now it’s ready, please enjoy your delicious handmade crabs!!