Stir-Fried Chicken Liver & Gizzard | Yummy

Chicken gizzard is one of the popular food. It is cheaper and can be cooked in many delicious ways (barbecued, stir fried, etc).

This recipe is usually used chicken liver and gizzard as the main meat. Now let’s get started.


  • Chicken’s liver & gizzard
  • Garlic, ginger, scallion
  • Pepper, palm sugar, soy sauce, salt
  • Chicken powder, fish sauce, oyster sauce


(1) Heat the wok over high heat, then add cooking oil and following by chopped garlic.

(2) We add palm sugar and stir it for 30 seconds until it melts.

(3) We put sliced gingers and stir them for 1 minute.

(4) After that, we add chicken liver, gizzard and meat.

(5) Time to add ingredients include: Chicken powder, pepper, and oyster sauce.

(6) Stir fry them for over 5 minutes because chicken take long time to be well cooked.

(7) Finally step, just transfer the dish to a plate, and start enjoying with rice. Happy dinner!!