Spicy Stir Fry Minced Pork with Egg Recipe

The best part is putting basil and as much chilli as you can handle. Minced pork is cooked with the spicy chilli, along with an egg make the a great dish for your dinner.

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  • Olive oil: We love using olive oil for any meal we make. You can also use butter if you prefer.
  • Egg: loaded of protein and delicious. 
  • Basil: We like to use this herb as part of recipe to enhance the flavour.
  • Seasoning: Adding salt to enhance the flavour.
  • Fish sauce: we use fish sauce to make our food taste a bit salty.
  • Oyster sauce: Is slightly sweet and salty sauce.
  • Rice: Of course, this recipe is suitable to eat with rice.

How to cook Minced Pork with Egg

(1) Heat a tablespoon of oil over a high heat, then lower to medium heat and crack an egg. Then put the egg in a bowl for later use.

(2) Put lot of garlics and chilli together and break them as picture below

(3) Heat three tablespoons of oil, and pour them into a hot pan, and stir it a few second. (Be careful with the smell of it)

(4) Stir minced pork together with those spicy things, and add 2 tbsp of salt, chicken powder, and sugar, then mix them up.

This is what it look like, and look tasty.

(5) Finally, we add plenty of basil as increase the quality of the dish and smell good as well.

Here is what we have done cooking under 20 minutes.