Spicy Korean Noodles with Mixed Meats

Spicy Korean Noodles is one of the most popular noodle dishes in Korea. I absolutely love this dish. I have made it twice already because it’s a delicious noodle dishes of all time!


  • Beef, hot dog, crab meat, spam
  • Noodles, egg
  • Chicken soup, cheese, tofu
  • Sugar, soy sauce, chicken powder, hot pepper sauce,
  • Onion, carrot, garlics, mushroom, chilli powder, scallions


(1) Slice the onions and carrot.

(2) Slice beef, hot dog, crab meat and spam.

(3) Pour chicken soup from a package into a cup, then we start adding flavours.

(4) We add sugar, soy sauce, chicken powder and hot pepper sauce into chicken soup.

(5) Then we start stirring until it’s mix the flavours.

(6) We add your favourite noodles into a pot.

(7) Following by vegetables like mushroom, onion and carrot.

(8) We start adding meats like crab meat, beef, hot dog and spam.

(9) After finish adding meat and vegetables, we pour the chicken soup above into the noodle pot.

(10) Then we start heating the pot over high heat and wait until it’s boiled.

(11) Now we add more ingredients like tofu and cheese if you like those things.

(12) We crack an egg on the boiled soup.

(13) Almost done, it’s optional to add more scallions and chilli powder if you like hot and spicy soup.

Finally, we have just make a Spicy Korean Noodles with Mixed Meats in just 10 minutes. Please enjoy your meal.