Salty Fried Fish with Tamarind Sauce

In Southeast Asian countries, you can find fish recipes everywhere because we love eating fish (fried, steamed, etc).

In this recipes, fish is crispy and eat along with tamarind sauce, make is one of the simple but delicious dish that everyone will want more of of it.

Also the fish is salty and fried outside, but inside has the sweetness from the meat itself. Now let’s get started.


  • River fish
  • Garlic, onion, chilli, scallions, peanut
  • Fish sauce, chicken powder, sugar
  • Tamarind sauce


(1) Today, we got a river fish for cooking. After cleaning its skin, we heat the wok with cooking oil over the medium heat.

Then we fry that fish on the medium heat oil. Leave it there for 5 minute over low heat. If you are hurry to flip it, the skin will stick with the wok.

(2) After it’s well cooked, you can flip with the good condition skin. Then repeat the process until the whole fish is cooked.

(3) Then transfer it to the plate. The fish’s skin is crispy and the meat is sweet enough.

(4) Now we are making tamarind sauce by heating the wok again, add oil and garlic, following by onion.

(5) Add tamarind sauce in the wok, add fish sauce, chicken powder, and sugar. Then stir it and let it boiled.

(6) Almost done, we want the hot sauce by adding more chilli, scallions, and peanut.

And here we go!! We have done the tamarind sauce to eat along with fried fish.

Please enjoy the fried fish with tamarind sauce. We usually eat the dish with rice.