Fried Fish

A easiest tutorial for how to fry fishes and pickled mango.  Don’t be hungry yet. After cooked, you can taste. it’s crazy delicious.

Watch full videos here: Delicious Fried Fish with Pickled Mango (Start from 2:11)


  • Young Mango
  • Your favourite Fishes
  • Onion, Chilli & Garlic


(1) First of all, we try to make pickled mango sauce by chopping mango, onion, garlic, chilli into small pieces as pictures below.

(2) Transfer them into a bowl, add fish sauce, sugar, and chilli. Then stir them until mixed taste.

Now we finished making pickle mango sauce.

(3) Now we fry the fishes by putting them into a hot wok with some oil. Lower the heat to medium, and wait 5 minute until it become dry. Then rotate to other side of fish, and repeat until it’s dry as picture below.

(4) After it’s well cooked, we transfer them into the plate.

Finally, we can eat the fishes with pickled mango sauce that we made from the start. It’s ready to serve. Enjoy!!!