how to make bamboo stick house

The hobby of crafting stuffs is getting more and more popular including making houses from recycled things such as bamboo sticks.

However, it’s a struggle for most beginners. So, in this article, we will show you how to prepare the materials easily and most conveniently for you by using step by step pictures, or you can watch video instead below.

Watch full video here:


  • Bamboo sticks
  • Popsicle sticks & BBQ sticks
  • Glue gun
  • Fairy garden decoration


(1) Form popsicle sticks as rectangle shape as shown below.

(2) Make two of them.

(3) We connect four poles to two rectangle pop-sticks as two pictures below.

(4) We continue building two more poles in order to add roof tiles later.

(5) Add floor frame as the (+) sign, so we can add floors.

(6) Cut bamboo sticks into four pieces for the floor tiles.

(7) Now time to add floor tiles.

(8) We add one more pop-stick in the middle of top rectangle, so we can add the middle walls.

(9) Now we cut more bamboo sticks and apply to the walls. Do not forget to leave a space for door.

(10) We continue to fill the front floor with more bamboo sticks.

(11) Next, time to add roof frame, so we can cover the roof tiles later.

(12) Now time to fill the rooftops with more sticks.

(13) Almost done, we just need to cover the house with walls. We apply it to left, right and back of the house.

(14) Decorate the top back side with bbq sticks.

(15) Do not forget to make window at the back by using bbq sticks. (No need to make holes)

(15) Decorate the top front with more bbq sticks as show below.

Finally, after we spent a few hour of our free time. we have made a beautiful bamboo stick house. You can use it for your home decoration, or for other purpose. Enjoy!!!