How to make popsicle stick house

There are many different ways to build the house with Popsicle sticks. Do you want to build a popsicle stick house? Here we have a kind of the easiest house you can build with popsicle sticks. Those tutorials are with pictures that make it easy to follow.

You can watch full video here:


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Bbq sticks
  • Glue gun
Popsicle sticks


(1) We form five small pieces of square shapes popsicle sticks as picture below.

(2) We add roof frames to one square pop-stick. Then make it two.

(3) We connect two squares to each other to form a house shape like picture below.

(4) We insert the fifth square in the middle between the two house shapes.

(5) We start adding floors by using cut pop-sticks.

(6) We add the vertical posts as the wall, and leave a space for the door.

(7) We cover the house with the colourful walls (Left, right, front and back).

(8) We add the bbq sticks on the rooftop of the middle space.

(9) Then we use this rubber as the roof tiles. (You can replace by popsicle sticks instead)

Finally, we have done a beautiful popsicle stick house in just a few hours of our free time. Hope you can make better than this. Enjoy!!!

Popsicle stick house