How to Make Popsicle Stick House for Hamster

On our website, we build so many kinds of popsicle stick houses. Moreover, in this tutorial, we are building another easy fairy house for you to follow.

In order to build a house, you may need a lot of pop-sticks, so you can purchase packages of new popsicle sticks at your local store for this project.

For building one house, It can be done in a few hours. You can try to make it in your free time or for other purposes.

Watch full video here: Popsicle Stick House for Hamster


  • Popsicle sticks
  • A few bbq sticks
  • Hot Glue gun

First, we need to assemble 9 popsicle sticks together to form a rectangle frame which is connected by another 2 small pop-stick sticks.

Repeat the first step until you make 4 rectangle frames. Anyway, if you don’t have enough sticks, you can use cardboard to replace 2 frames instead.

Glue 2 pop-sticks into a triangle form. You need to make 2 of them and sticks to the house in order to add a roof later.

Time to add roof tiles with a bunch of more popsicle sticks.

The next step is to add windows on every side of the house including on the roof and door at the front side. We use yellow color to identify it as a door.

Almost done, we are working on the front yard by assembling more popsicle sticks in front of the house. Then we build balustrade and stairs on it. Don’t forget to add 4 legs to the house.

Finally, we have made an easy and beautiful hamster house out of popsicle sticks. And you are ready to use it for your home decor or school project.