How to Make Miniature Luxury Fairy House with Swimming Pool | Easy Craft Ideas

We love teaching people about how to craft with pictures and help them make easy things out of recycled items. It can be done in a few hours, so you need to be patient and can try to make it in your free time.

So in this article, we will show you how to make a miniature luxury fairy house with a swimming pool for your home decor.


  • Flat sticks (we get them from old timber blind)
  • Cardboard
  • Hot Glue gun


First, we use flat sticks to build a house foundation, glue them as a square structure, add floor tiles and leave a square hole for a pool.

Next, we cut thin cardboard into four pieces for the house structure that contain two sidewalls with one window each, back wall with two windows, and the front wall with a door and a window.

We cut small rectangle pieces and stick them to the walls that will look like the bricks (As pictures below).

At the back of the same walls, we glue sticks at the edges of it to avoid cardboard got bent. Then we assemble and glue the four walls together to form a house.

Next, we use curve another cardboard into the roof and stick it on top of the house, then we use small pieces of cardboard as the roof tiles as below.

We place a plastic cup that has a square shape under the swimming pool to store pool water.

As the house is a bit high, we make a stair and stick it in front of the house. Then we pour water into the pool.

Lastly, we build a terrace with shade and put the bench below it for fairies to relax.

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