mini popsicle stick house

Today we are making an easy and fun craft (Popsicle Stick House of course) that you can build at your free time or do with your kids. It is cheap, relaxing and it is good decor for your garden or home decoration.

Watch full video here: DIY Popsicle sticks House


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue gun

(1) Use any popsicle sticks colours to make a rectangle shape as below.

(2) Make the first house frame.

(3) Make the second house frame, decorate it with red colour.

(4) Connect the first frame to rectangle pop-stick, so it can stand.

(5) Connect the second frame along with the first one, so it can stand too.

(6) Connect two frame via three small pieces of bbq sticks.

(7) Add the door with different colours of popsicle sticks. In here, we choose blue, red, and yellow.

(8) Add the third frame to the front of the house.

(9) Connect the frames via another three small pieces of bbq sticks.

(10) Now we start to add walls the both sides of the house.

(11) Now we add the back side walls.

(12) Add balustrade at the front house.

(13) Almost done, we add roof tiles on the top of the front and back house as below.

Finally, we have made a beautiful mini popsicle stick house in just a few hours. Are you going to make one? Please let us know.. Enjoy your time!!!

mini popsicle stick house