How to make Minced PorkSoup

Warm and comforting soup for your dinner. Minced Pork is delicious, can make many kind of this including soup. Wax gourd is supporting the taste of soup. You can replace with other kind of vegetable.

Wax gourd is good for your health, help in treating asthma, blood-related diseases, and kidney stones. (Source: Fruitsinfo)

Watch full video here: Minced Pork with Wax gourd Soup (Start from 1:32)


  • Minced Pork
  • (1x) Wax gourd
  • Garlic & Pepper
  • Dried shrimp
  • Egg
  • Chicken powder, soy sauce, sugar


(1) Cut wax gourd into bitted piece like picture below

(2) Mince the pork, or go to buy the finished minced pork from the store near you.

(3) Hit garlic & pepper hard.

(4) Put the broken garlic into the boiled water.

(5) Place minced pork, egg into a bowl, following by chicken powder, soy sauce, and sugar. Then stir them together until fully tasted.

(6) Put dried shrimp into the pot, following by one by one piece of minced pork.

(7) Place Wax gourd after that.

(8) Wait 5 minutes until it’s well cooked.

(9) Finally, transfer the soup into a big bowl, add scallion or chilli as much as you like and ready to serve your comfortable dinner with your family.

(10) Enjoy your soup!!!