How to Make Fairy House using Popsicle Sticks

Whether you build a fairy house or any house out of Popsicle sticks, they are so easy and fun. We can make it decorate our garden or room.

Once you want to try a DIY project, please try some of our fairy houses. The level of crafting is always easy with just a few steps, so everyone can make it just for a few hours.

Watch full video here: How to Make Fairy House


  • Popsicle sticks (Large & regular)
  • Flat sticks
  • Cardboard
  • Glue gun

You need to decide about the size of the fairy house based on your favorite.

You need cut 2 regular popsicle sticks in half, so you will have 4 sticks, then glue them into a square frame. You need to make two of them.

Then you will add 2 flat sticks on a square frame (Can use pop-sticks instead) as floor tiles. Then connect with another frame via 8 pop-sticks (2 per angle). as below.

Now you need to cut cardboard as the arrow shape. Then glue it on the top of the house frame, so we can add roof tiles using more pop-stick.

Next, we are making a windmill using large pop-sticks. First, we cut in the middle of sticks as shown, and glue them together as a windmill. Then we connect it to the back of the house.

Next step, we use a rainbow color of pop-sticks for the roof tiles.

We decorate the house with grass, rocks, and a fairy sitting on the bench. After spending 1 hour of building, we have done a beautiful fairy house for little fairies to stay.

Hope you enjoy our tutorial.