Easy Fried Rice with Egg

This easy & quick fried rice with is the easiest dish that everyone can cook within 15 minutes. This meal is made with seven key ingredients: rice, eggs, garlic, olive oil, chilli, scallions, and some salt.

Watch full video here: Easy & Quick Fried Rice with Egg


(1) We chop the garlic and place it into the hot wok and stir it until dry.

(2) We crack one or two eggs and stir it into pieces. Don’t forget to add some salt.

(3) Mix the eggs with your leftover rice and stir them together.

(4) We chop the scallion and stir them together. (To look good)

(5) Finally, put as much as chilli as you like, then we have done a simple and easy fried rice, and ready to serve your meal. Enjoy!!!