popsicle stick house

Buying a miniature house as your home decoration can be expensive. So why not build your own house using cheaper materials like popsicle sticks??

Here’s one of many popsicle stick houses that you can make and fit your own design. It’s easy to follow with pictures.

Watch full video here:


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Bbq sticks
  • Glue gun


(1) Cut and form pop-sticks into rectangle shape as picture below.

(2) Grow six vertical posts up using popsicle sticks.

(3) Connect two pop-sticks to form the roof frames.

(4) Connect the roof frame to the vertical posts that we just grew.

(5) Add floors to the house.

(6) Now we build the middle walls in orange and yellow sticks. Do not forget to leave a space for the door.

(7) Now we cover the roof with rainbow sticks.

(8) Next, we build the back walls with purple sticks and we leave space for two windows.

(9) Then we build the left and right walls.

(10) Now we add two little yellow sticks in order to add balustrade.

(11) Here is the balustrade made from bbq sticks.

(12) Apply balustrade to the front yard.

(13) Cover the front roof with two rubbers.

At last, we just made a unique style of popsicle stick house. We hope you can make better than this by using your own creativity. Enjoy!!!