Fish Balls Soup
Fish Balls Soup

This is an easy soup with traditional fish balls. We can make many kinds of dishes with fish balls. The common usage for fish balls is cook some with soups (noodle soup or pure soups).

Watch full video here: Easy Fish Balls Soup


  • Scratched fish meat
  • Cabbage
  • Garlic
  • Seasoning

(1) Usually, we make fish balls from the fish name “Bronze Featherback”. We can easily find it at the fish market or local store near you.

We place the meat in a bowl, mix with a few seasoning such as pepper, chicken powder, sugar and scallion as picture below.

(2) We start forming fish balls, and place them on a plate.

(3) Boil water in a pot, and put garlic and scallion into it.

(4) Put the fish balls one by one to make sure it’s not stick to each other.

(5) Add soy sauce, salt, and pepper.

(6) Cut the cabbage into small pieces and place it into the pot.

(7) Stir the soup until it’s well cooked, and transfer it to the bowl, add some chilli if you want.

Finally, we have made a delicious fish balls soup and ready to eat with rice. Please enjoy!!!