People love building many things out popsicle sticks, So in this article, we will show you how to make a cute miniature classroom and school supplies that are made from popsicle sticks and cardboard. We made it a toy for kids.


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Cardboard, paper
  • Hot Glue gun

We cut big cardboard into 4 rectangle pieces (1 for the floor, 2 for the sidewalls, and others for the back wall) to make a miniature classroom. The size is based on your favorite, so take some time to think about how big or small you like.

We cover popsicle sticks on each corner of the cardboard. We make a small rectangle hole on the back wall to make a window, we paint a blue color on the walls and orange on the floor.

In the pictures below, we cut and glue pieces of a popsicle stick into two rows of student desks and chairs by connecting 3 sets of desks for each row. Then place them in the miniature classroom.

Next, we make a teacher desk and chair with popsicle sticks. Also, a blackboard that made from black paper, and pop sticks at the edges. Then place them in the front of student desks.

Next, we decorate the back wall with traffic signs, and put the miniature books on every student desks.

After spending a few hours of crafting, here is the cute miniature classroom that we just made.

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