Miniature playhouse | Treehouse | Fairy house

Building a playhouse or treehouse by using Popsicle sticks is an easy and fun project to make for adults. Usually, we make it decorate your home. 

The level of crafting is for the beginner that everyone can make it just for 1 hour. After this playhouse is completed, you can add any miniatures decoration to give this house a realistic look.

Watch full video here: Miniature Playhouse


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Bbq sticks
  • Glue gun

First, you need to decide about the size of the playhouse. Then you cut and glue two bbq sticks together base on your favorite size

You have to make 2 of them and connect these two sticks via a popsicle stick as pictured below.

Second, you need to make 2 sets of them as shown below.

Third, we form it into a house frame by using popsicle sticks, following by adding floors. Here, we use yellow pop-sticks, but you can use any colors base on your favorite.

Forth, we build the roof frames and then we add roof tiles using more popsicle sticks.

Fifth, we insert a post in the middle of the front side in order to add walls and leave a space for the door.

Sixth, we start adding walls to the back sides of the house.

Finally, we just need to build the balustrades and stairs as shown below using bbq sticks.

After spending 1 hour of making, we have done a beautiful playhouse for your home decoration. By the way, you can add some decorations around the house like swings or sandboxes, etc.