How to Make a Beautiful Wooden Fairy House with Easy Steps #2

In this article, we are making a very easy and beautiful wooden house out of 100% recycled flat sticks. We made it in free time and used it for our home decor.


  • Flat sticks (we get them from old curtain blind)
  • Hot Glue gun

First, we slice a stick into smaller pieces, then we glue them into a rectangle frame. It will be used as a floor structure. Then we grow 8 short pillars vertically based on the hight of the house.

Next, we add two flat sticks as the floor tiles and glue 4 sticks on top to make the roof structure, so we can add roof tiles later.

We cover the walls at the back and front walls and leave three holes at each side for the two windows and one door in the middle. Followed by adding walls to both sides.

Lastly, we cover the roofs and make some decorations based on your favorite idea.

After spending one hour in building this house, we have made a beautiful wooden house. And ready to use it for your home decor.

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