People love building new things out of popsicle sticks, So in this article, we come up with an idea to make a beautiful ship-shaped playground made from popsicle sticks.

We made it as a toy for kids and we try to make it easy for you to follow the instruction.


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Flat sticks, chopsticks
  • Cardboard
  • Hot Glue gun

We brought recycled cardboard that we found around the house, then we cut its top into an arrow-shaped like a ship head. And we use flat sticks from our recycled curtain blind for this project.

We glue the flat sticks horizontally with cardboard to make it thicker, so we can add the floor tiles later. Next, we use other flat sticks as the floor tiles at the front and the back ship and leave the middle space empty.

Next, we use popsicle sticks to build the front ship-walls as below.

After that, we still use popsicle sticks and long flat sticks to build the back walls as below. Then we cut rectangle cardboard that fit on top of the back walls and glues it on top to make a terrace at the back.

On the terrace, we use a bunch of small bbq stick pieces to make balustrade around it to prevent fairies from falling down. Then make a slide using cardboard and connect it from the terrace to the ground.

Next, in order to climb up, we have to build a stair using chopsticks and place it in the middle of the ship up to the terrace.

Then we add coconut trees and sand the empty middle space and some dollhouse furniture in the front ship.

Finally, after spending a few hours building the playhouse, we have made a beautiful ship-shaped playhouse out of popsicle sticks. And you are ready to use it for your home decor or school project.

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