This is our new idea of building a small house using recycled paper tube instead of throwing them away. Using paper tubes is a great way to create a lot of new toys for your kids and bring fun time to yourself or your family and friends.

Today, we are making an awesome mini house made from paper tube that cover by rocks (Nice and weird)… Can use for home decoration or make it for fun.

Watch full video here:


  • A big or small paper tube that you have
  • Some small rocks
  • Popsicle sticks (for stairs and flooring)
  • Glue
  • Saw for cutting the tube


1. Find a few paper tubes that you have not throw away yet. Then cut it into house size that you want.

tube house diy

2. Mark the middle of the tube and cut it into half for making the ground, so the house can stand.(Picture below)

tube house diy

3. Use another paper tube for a house, and cute the windows.

tube hosue diy11

4. Then attach it with the stand ground that we just cut into half.

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5. Now it’s time to make the roof for our house by cutting into shape below. And then attach it with the house by gluing them together.

tube house diy

6. Use Popsicle sticks for add frame for flooring and then use it for flooring as well.

tube house 4

7. Now use more Popsicle sticks to make stairs for both sides of the house.

tube house 43

8. Almost done, now it’s time to add small rock to cover the roofs and walls.

tube house 54

9. Finally, we did it… we got a very nice paper tube house toy by decorate based on your own creativity. Hope you enjoy our tutorial.