Building cardboard houses is a great way to create a new toy for your kids and to recycle old boxes instead of throwing it away.

Making cardboard houses can increase your creativity and bring fun time with your kids if you do it together. There are a number of styles and types of cardboard houses that you can make based on your creativity.

Using cardboard is a fun way to construct and make many of things that you want. In this article, we will show you how to make or build a easy cardboard house for kids at home or for school projects.

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  • Cardboard
  • Knife & Scissor
  • Popsicle sticks for gats and decoration
  • A ribbon for the roof decoration
  • Glue


1. Find a cardboard from shoe box for adult size and cut it for (size)

 2. Draw the house shape that we’re going to make and prepare to cut those shape.

3. Cut the drawn house shape as shown below.

4. Then we need to bend the cardboard into a house, but no roof yet.

5. Cut another piece of cardboard to attach the roof to your house by glueing them as shown.

6. Drawing two windows and one door, and cut another cardboard for windows and door.

7. Add some decoration on the top of door and windows by using popsicle sticks or rubbers.

8. Now it’s time to decor on the top of the roof. In this article, we use red ribbon to decor, but you can add anything based on your creativity.

9. We add another cardboard as the front yard, then adding some rock to decor as the fence.

10. Finally, we made a beautiful cardboard house for your fun time with your kids or your friends…

Hope you enjoy our tutorial.