How to make Straw house

In this article, we are building a mini house that is made from cardboard & Straws. It will be used for home decoration. Also, you can build it for fun or teach your kid to build somethings for their school projects.

1) First of all, What we need to make a beautiful fairy house are: Cardboard + Popsicle Sticks + Glue + Straw + Other miniature decoration as you love.

(2) We have to cut that cardboard as shown below.

(3) And then, we bend that cardboard into the house shape. And stick it together by using glue or glue gun. (Look at the picture below)

(4) We start making post legs by sticking popsicle sticks to the cardboard as picture below. After that, the house will have four posts, so it can stand.

(5) Next step, we add floors by using popsicle sticks.

(6) After that, we need to cut some straw to cover on the walls.

(7) We start covering the entire walls with straws by using white glue.

Front, back, left & Right sides covered by straw

(8) Almost done, we make the window shapes to both sides as pictures below

(9) Finally, we apply the rest of straw to the top roofs as below:


Look cool, right? We hope you enjoy this tutorial and you could do better than that..

Watch full video here (Youtube): DIY Straw House : Made from Cardboard | Fairy House