Hot & Sour Chicken Legs Soup

This sour soup recipe using chicken’s legs is incredibly healthy food because mixing with just a few ingredients! It can help you fight with cold because it contain vitamin C from lemons.

Hot and sour soup basically is so popular among asian countries. They are always served with rice, that’s so yummy!! Now let’s get started.


  • Chicken’s legs
  • Lemongrass, galangal
  • Chillies, garlics
  • Fish sauce, chicken powder, sugar, oyster sauce


(1) First we need to slice some basic ingredients like lemongrass and galangal. These two things are important, you can’t make sour soup without them.

(2) We are going to pound hot chilli and garlics in a mortar as picture below.

(3) Boil water in a cooking pot, wait until it’s 100 degree boiled, then we add sliced lemongrass and galangal into it.

(4) Let the lemongrass soak for a few minutes, then we add chicken legs and some chilli in the pot.

(5) Add a few kaffir lime to get rid of bad smell from chicken legs.

(6) Now time to add flavour for the soup. We need fish sauce, chicken powder, sugar, and a little bit oyster sauce in the soup.

(7) Let them boil and cooked for 5 minutes until the chicken legs are soft enough to be eaten. If you want to enhance the quality of soup, you have to wait 7-8 minutes to be done.

(8) Last but not lease, we transfer the soup into a bowl as much as you can eat.

(9) Add the pounded chilli and garlic into the soup to be it hotter. Also, squeeze a little bit lime juice to make the soup sour.

(10) Finally, we just made the hot and sour chicken legs soup for your family dinner to enjoy. It’s good to be alone, or you can serve it with rice also. Please enjoy!!

*Note: If you don’t like chicken legs, you can replace it with normal chicken meat or beef.