Easy Coconut Pork Curry Recipe

Homemade coconut curry with pork is one of our favourite meals (You can cook with another meat such as chicken or beef). We made the taste creamy with more coconut cream and sweet with more sugar.

Watch full video here: Coconut Pork Curry Recipe


  • Pork
  • Carrot, potato
  • Coconut cream, hot pepper paste, curry powder
  • Salt, chicken powder, fish sauce, sugar


(1) Chop the pork into bitted pieces

(2) Also chop the carrot and potato into smaller pieces.

(3) Heat the wok and pour the coconut cream from the can that bought from the store near you.

(4) Put the hot pepper paste, following by curry powder.

(5) Stir them together until become yellow and boiled.

(6) Place the pork in the the curry sauce.

(7) Stir them together again.

(8) Add those cut vegetable (Carrot and potato) into the wok.

(9) Add salt, chicken powder, fish sauce, and more sugar.

(10) Stir them until well cooked about 3 minutes.

(11) After that, we transfer them into a bowl. Add more chilli if you like.

Finally, we have made a delicious coconut curry with pork and ready to serve with rice for your dinner. Please enjoy!!