Today, we introduce you about how to make a beautiful bamboo stick house in 8 easy step. you can make it for your home decoration or for your school projects.

You can Watch Full video here (Youtube): DIY Bamboo Sticks House

(1) First of all, we need some bamboo sticks and cut it based on your favourite size as picture below.

Bamboo sticks
Bamboo sticks

(2) We connect four sticks together in order to make house posts.

(3) We make two of them (House posts).

(2x) House Posts

(4) We connect between two posts together to form a house shape including roof frame as pictures below.

Roof frames

(5) Then we cut bamboo stick in half, and add them as house floors.

Bamboo house floors

(6) After the floor is done, it’s time to add roof tiles to the top of the house.

(7) After that, we use bbq stick as the wall frames, and apply it to the front, back and both sides of the walls.

Left walls
Front wall

(8) Last but not least, do not forget to make stairs and connect it to the front door of bamboo stick house.


Finally, we have made a beautiful bamboo stick house for your home decoration. And we believe that you can make it better than that. Hope you enjoy our tutorial.

How to make Bamboo stick House