Canned Tuna Fish with Egg Recipe

Stocking Canned fish in food storage is a good idea for busy people. Having it on hand can make save you money not to buy fresh food to cook daily.

There is healthy omega-3s packed inside the can that are good reasons to eat canned fish! Now let’s get start to enhance your canned fish’s flavour to another level.


  • Canned fish, egg
  • Garlic, chilli
  • Pepper, sugar, fish sauce


(1) We heat the cooking oil in the wok. Put the garlic in and stir fry it a few seconds. Then we open the fish from can, and place it in the wok as picture below.

(2) Second, we add ingredients such as pepper, sugar, and fish sauce. Stir fry it until it’s boiled.

(3) After it’s cooked, we transfer the canned fish to a plate that fill with lettuce and sliced onions.

(4) Last, we crack an egg and place it on canned fish.

(5) Now you can serve it with rice. Add some chilli if you like. Please enjoy!!