Braised Pork Feet with Eggs Recipes

These braised pork feet are flavourful and sweet. This dish is very popular food in asian. Most people love to eat this food with rice as part of their breakfast and dinner. You can find it anywhere around asian countries.


  • Egg, pork’s feet
  • Garlic, water
  • Pepper, palm sugar, soy sauce
  • Chicken powder, fish sauce


(1) First, we need to make boiled eggs by boiling them for 10 minutes, then remove those eggshells out. Keep it for later use.

(2) Add a bunch of garlic and pepper in the mortar and start pounding them as picture below.

(3) Heat the wok and add cooking oil. Then we add palm sugar and start stirring it for 2 minutes until it become brown.

(4) Then we add the pounded garlics into the boiled palm sugar and stirring it.

(5) Then we add pork’s feet, stir and soak it with palm sugar until turn brown.

(6) Then we add our ingredients such as soy sauce, chicken powder, and fish sauce.

(7) Then we pour a bowl of water in order to boiled pork’s feet.

(8) Then following by boiled eggs. We need to boil them and wait for 10 minutes until egg turning brown and pork’s feet become overdone as pictures.

(9) After all cooked, we transfer the dish into the bowl and ready to serve with rice. Please enjoy this easy recipes.