Asian Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

These easy Stuffed Tomatoes are beautiful, delicious, and spend just 15 minutes to make! I love tomatoes and I love mince pork, so it is a great combination. So Yummy!

Try our easy instruction with pictures. Absolutely delicious with the best simple ingredients


  • Mince Pork, Egg
  • Pepper, soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, chicken powder, flour
  • Garlics, scallions, tomatoes
  • Tomato sauce


(1) We mince the pork, or you can buy the minced pork from supermarket near you.

(2) After that, we transfer the minced pork into a bowl, then add pepper, chopped garlics, soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce and chicken powder.

(3) We crack an egg in and add some chopped scallions. Then we mixed the mince pork with those ingredients.

(4) Next step, we slice the top of tomato a little bit and remove the tomato’s core out.

(5) Insert the mixed flavour of minced pork into the tomatoes.

(6) Heat the wok over the medium heat, add cooking oil, put the tomatoes in and start frying them.

The pork takes long time to be well cooked, so we need to set the heat to minimum level to make sure all porks are well cooked.

(7) Flip them to the raw side, and let them cooked for 6 minutes. Make sure it’s not burning.

(8) Remember we remove the tomato’s cores out? then we grind them into a sauce and start boiling it.

(9) We add chopped garlic, chicken powder.

(10) Mix the flour with water and pour it into the sauce, and let them boiled.

(11) Last, we pour the tomato sauce on the stuffed tomatoes.

Finally, we have made a yummy homemade Stuffed Tomatoes for your dinner. It usually serves with rice. Please enjoy your meal.