Nowadays, smartphones have changed our lives for good. Smartphones have evolved so much with many amazing tools, all designed to make us a lot easier…. And now here is 6 smartphone life hacks you can try.

Watch full video here: Mr.Gear

1- Take Picture via Headphone

This is not new for using headphone as a camera button. I hope you already try it before.

2- Tripod

By insert phone into a tape and tie them with a rubber band to make sure it’s not loose. Then hand the tape somewhere that you want to take video. That’s easy!!

3- Turn your Phone into Power Bank

By following pictures below, you are able to connect the wire from your phone out to the USB chip. Then it will become a emergency power bank. 

4- Microscope

Put one drop of water on the camera lense, you could zoom in on the object like money or anything.

5- Lamp

Turn on flashlight, place a bottle of water on the flashlight, then you will have a temporary lamp with you at night. 

6- Phone Holder while Charging