1- Make Fire with Flashlight

It’s a very powerful flashlight. It’s not a toy because it’s so bright that it can set a paper on fire.

I’m going to set it on the brightest now. I’m grabbing a piece of paper and instantly started smoking.

The incredible flashlight can make fire, the light bulb is so powerful that you don’t wanna touch this side.

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2- Make fire with potassium Permanganate

First, we put some potassium permanganate on the back of a can. Then we gonna make a real dent in there, pull grits in something like that and we’re gonna wait a minute and we’ll see what happens. Pretty crazy huh…

3- Make fire with Battery and Aluminium

We’re going to need aluminum for this one. you can use it three times, you can cut it in three pieces. Then you got one of these pieces, fold it in half and cut it.

We’re going to be touching these two sides, it’s going to be really hard. So we use gloves then grab one side and put it on one side. Now it’s smoking and you be got fire.

Then we gonna grab a wire and hook it up on one side. we’re going to hook it up to the aluminum foil if we touch aluminum foil, it will spark up. that means you can actually start to fire.

Now we grab a tissue and put it right next to the aluminum foil and just cut it too right here and we got fire just like that it’s actually really easy to fire starter.

4- Make fire with Car Battery

I’m going to go up coconut husk and just hook it up together. It is to start the fire with a car battery.

5- Make Fire with Sugar and Potassium Permanganate

All you need is a little bit of sugar 50/50 percent ratio of sugar and potassium permanganate.

And we cut a piece of stick and mix all this together. That’s how easy it is to start the fire stick sugar and potassium permanganate.

6- Make fire with a twist on the stick

Now we cut off a line with the knife. Next what we gonna do is twist this around and put it right on this boom and to hold it together.

This is getting pretty tiring by the side, you see how much is smoking already. We want to drop it into the coconut husk, get some oxygen on it he go boom we started a fire.