Bored at home? Here are some simple life hacks that we can use materials around our home to make some cool stuffs like these.

1- Soldering Gun Holder

We need a wooden board, then drill two small holes and cut like below in order to insert the iron wire in.

We bend the iron wire to become curly like below, then insert to the board.

We cut the bottom of spray can, and hit it to become flat.

Glue it to the wooden board.

We use 4 plastic bottle caps as the board legs.

Here we have the soldering gun holder.

2- Pen Gun

Check out full video tutorial here

3- Heat Sealer

We need two sticks in order to form a sealer by making two holes per stick.

Then we cut aluminium paper as fit as the stick and gluing them together. (Stick both of them)

We insert the iron wire from hole to hole and tie it with another bbq stick as below.

Insert the rubber to both sticks as below like a chopsticks.

Connect the wire to switch and 9V battery.

Here we go!! 

4- 9V Power Bank

Watch full video tutorial here

Please enjoy these lifehack