Who said life hacks is boring? Here are some fun life hacks you can start making with simple materials! Making and playing with those stuffs that we are going to create. There are toys for everyone to play with.

Watch full video here: Fun life hacks

1- Syringe Toy Gun

What we need now is a lot of syringes, but we need their covers first.

Fill the tip of syringe’s cover with glue.

Take out one paper tube, and stick with the syringe covers as below.

Now we need the fire maker from the lighter. And connect with the wire as below.

Drill holes on paper tube, and insert the fire maker inside.

Connect the wire with this. And stick it with syringe covers.

We cut the syringe cores as a bullet.

Add lighter gas and insert the bullets.

Now we have made the syringe toy gun for entertained purpose only.

2- Pen Gun

We need a pen cover and a ballon.

Cut the top of ballon a little bit.

Insert the pen cover in the ballon.

Stick a tap on it.

Add the bullet.. And here we go!!

3- Match Box

Please follow the instruction below with pictures.

Here we go!!