These three awesome DIY Life hacks will teach you how to make your own gun toys, fire spinner, and toothpick gun toy with much fun, and keep your away from boredom.

Watch full video here: 3 Simple & Fun Life Hacks

1- Pen Gun

What you need is a pen. Then remove everything out, keep only the pen’s cover.

Then we need a syringe and cut the top out.

We stick the pen’s cover with the tape to fit inside the syringe as below.

Put in inside the syringe.

Soak toilet paper with water and tear it into small pieces.

Now we have a paper bullet

And ready to shoot anything.

2- Fire Spinner

Connect fabric with steel wire together as pictures below.

Insert the wire in the cordless drill machine and ready to spin it at night. Look cool huh

3- Toothpicks Gun

We connect the jar cover with a clothespin and drinking straw as below

Put the toothpick inside the straw.

And Enjoy your new toys!