As a matter of fact, a hostel is like a SERE school for most students. The tips you will see now will definitely help you to go through such harsh lessons and get back home alive. 

Watch full video here: 10 LIFE HACKS FOR HOSTEL

1- Lock your favourite Mug

If you have your favourite mug, you don’t want anybody to touch. Just push the handle of your cup through the bars of your dish rack and put a padlock to the handle of your mug.

Now only the one who has the key can drink from the mug. 

2- Iron your Clothes

If your clothes are wrinkled and you don’t have anything to use to iron them, just iron your clothes with a pot filled with hot water. It is surprisingly effective and your clothes will look like brand new clothes. 

3- Boil some Water

In order to boil some water, you will need two razor blades and a cable with a plug. You need to faster one cable wire to one razor blade and do the same with the other cable wire.

After that stick the disposable cutters into two matches as appeared in the video so as to get such a structure. Your DIY immersion water heater is ready to be used!

However, I strongly recommend not to try this at home if you don’t stick closely the safety guidelines and didn’t receive the needed training. Dealing with electricity is always dangerous. 

4- Dry your Socks Quicky

Suppose you’ve just washed our socks and you need to dry them quickly, take a hairdryer and pull the socks over the hairdryer and in 2-3 minutes you will be able to put them on. 

5- Mini Cinema

Do you want to watch a film on a big screen but you don’t have a TV? Get ready a shoebox, a magnifying glass and your smartphone.

Place your magnifier on the shoe box, mark it out, cut out the circle you’ve drawn and fit in the magnifying glass.

Make two cuts you will push the phone through from inside the shoe box and cut off one of the shoe box sides.

Just feed this part into the box and now you can adjust the distance between the phone and the magnifying glass.

The only thing that is left now is just to play the video and put the mobile phone into place and turn the light off.

6- Cooking appliances

When you don’t have the needed cooking appliances to cook your food, you just need an iron and a piece of aluminium foil.

Turn your iron upside down, put your aluminium foil onto the iron and fold it along the edges to get the needed shape.

When you plug the iron in, you will get a DIY frying pan you can use to fry salami or something else. 

Also if you wrap a sandwich in a piece of aluminium foil, you heat it up with an iron and make it taste better. 

7- Keep your dish clean

If you don’t like to wash the dishes, just wrap your plate in a piece of food plastic wrap and enjoy your meal.

When you are done, just remove the cover and the plate will be clean. 

8- Laptop Cooler

Usually, there is not that much space in a room and quite often you put your laptop onto your legs. It is not that easy for a laptop to cool down and as a result, it overheats.

Put your laptop onto an egg flat It will let the air in and will help to cool your laptop down effectively. 

9- Trash bin

In case if you have a trash bag but don’t have, just turn a chair upside down and place the trash bag onto the legs of your chair. It takes some time to think over, you will always find a way out. 

10- Open the Pickle Jars

In case if your grandmother gave you a jar of pickled tomatoes and you just can’t open it, you need cut off two pieces of duck tape and fold them together.

Stick the tape onto you jar as it is shown in the video,  having put some efforts, you will most probably open the jar.